Friday, 7 December 2018

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx for Windows 10 PCs Competes Against Intel

Always-connected PCs are an interesting idea. You get good computing performance, multi-day battery life and LTE connectivity in a single device and depending on the form factor, it can function as a PC as well as a tablet.

To further solidify its standing in what it clearly considers to be a major category of the future, Qualcomm has launched the much-awaited update to its Snapdragon 850: the Snapdragon 8cx.

The Snapdragon 8cx is unlike anything Qualcomm has launched before. It’s a 7nm processor which has been built from scratch for Windows 10 based computers.

It’s a follow up to the Snapdragon 850 and the company says it will offer up to 2x the performance. More importantly, Qualcomm claims that while running Windows ARM apps, it’ll offer equivalent performance to the Intel i5 U-series processors.

The 8cx will be paired with an Adreno 680 GPU and the combo will be able to handle dual 4K HDR displays and play 4K 120fps video. The 8cx comes with an X24 Cat.20 LTE modem for connectivity and will offer speeds of up to 2Gbps (download) and 316Mbps (upload).

3rd gen PCI-E and 2nd gen USB 3.1 support will allow for connecting any peripherals you want and high-end NVMe SSD support is also present. Of course, it wouldn’t be a modern processor without bundled support for voice assistants and Qualcomm’s Hexagon 685 DSP is on hand to help with that.

Qualcomm is also offering the fourth iteration of its AI engine with the 8cx.

Other features include Bluetooth 5.0 and Quickcharge 4+ support. Perhaps most importantly, it’s going to be certified by Windows 10 Enterprise, which is a huge seal of approval if a company wants to shift to always-connected devices. This marks the first time Qualcomm has received the certification.

The Qualcomm 8cx is going to be the fastest processor ever released by the company and you can expect to see it in 2-in-1 and other devices by the end of next year.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai testify to Congress on Dec 11, 2018

Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai is slated to testify to congress on December 11,2018 after lawmakers rescheduled their original hearing in light of former president George H.W. Bush's death.

The new hearing confirmed by the House Judiciary Commitee on Tuesday will Pichtai field questions from congress for the first time in response to Republicans concerns that Google search algorithm and services it owns including YouTube unfairly censor conservative learning users.

A meeting at White House which Pichai is scheduled to attend is still due to take place. Pichai will huddle with fellow techonlogy executive from companies including Microsoft, Oracle and Qualcomm as well as top aides to President Trump to discuss innovative policy.

"By engaging with industry and academic leaders to generate transformative ideas partnerships the government can help accelerate the growth of future industries to grow the economy provide meaningful jobs and improve the quality of life of Americans," source

Google is working to improve important feature for users

Google has announced it is working with researchers on new initiative for the platform.

Android is Google mobile operating software that harnessed on devices across the globe. In fact Android is used by most of people worldwide that do not have device made by Apple Inc.

Google has continually emphasised security as one of the biggest areas of development for Android.
The firm releases monthly security updates for compatible devices to ensure they run as smoothly as possible.

But Mountain View firms recently announced it is looking take as step further by partnering with experts to improve the long term security of android.

Google announced it was launching a scheme dubbed Android Security and Privacy Research (ASPIRE) that will impact the android ecosystem in the next two to five years.

Although no exact features were discussed, Google was keen to explain how it conducting the new initiative.
The tech behemoth said: "Customisation is one of android greatest strengths. Android open source nature has enabled thousands of device that cover a variety of use cases."

In addition to adding features to the Android Open Source Project, researchers, developers, service providers and device and chipset manufacturers can make updates to improve Android Security.

Google also declared the plan is focused on changing the long term future of Android meaning users may not see immediate changes in the next version of the operating system.

The firm went on ASPIRE goal is encouraging the development of new security and privacy technology that impact the Android ecosystem in the next 2 to 5 years but is not planned for mainline Android development.

This time frame extends beyond the next annual Annual release yo allow adequate time to analyse develop and stablise research info feature before including in the platform.
To collaborate with security researchers were hosting events and creating more channels to contribute reasearch.

Although Android 9 Pie released back in August and presented users with a shot of new features, it appears Google is equally as concerned with the fundamental security backbone of its platform both immediately and in the future.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Verizon, Samsung to release 5G smartphones in 2019

Verizon Communications Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd confirmed long held industry expectations they would seek to steal a march on Apple Inc by Launching U.S 5G smartphones in the first half of 2019.

Two companies said in a statement they would unveil a prototype using Qualcomm Inc modern chips at chipmakers annual Sanpdragon Technology Summit in Mui Hawaii this week.

Verizon is leading the charge to trial 5G in some cities next year industru analysts said the higher speed networks are unlikely to be widely available until the middle of the next decade.

Apple is engaged in a legal battle with Qualcomm that has led it to stop using its modern chips and the Cupertino California company is widely expected instead to use Intel modern which will not be ready for production untill late 2019.

Citing source familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reprted Apple would wait until at least 2020 to release its first 5G iPhones.

The delay could make it easier for Samsung and Verizon to win customers who are eager to connect to 5G networks which will provide a leap forward in mobile data speed up to 50 or 100 times fater that 4G networks.

Qualcomm has also parynered with other Qualcomm makers who have commited to 5G phones for next year.

U.S witeless carrier Spirit Corp is also working with LG Electronics USA to launch 5G smartphone in US in the first half of 2019.

Verizon launched first commercial 5G service in October when 5G home offering went live in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento.

Verizon C.F.O Mathew Ellis said that company pland to target a broader audience for its 5G home broadband products following the adoption of global standards for technology.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

First lady Melania Trump Has Unveiled the 2018 White House Christmas Decorations

White House Christmas decorations, Melania Trump has decked the White House halls with patriotic theme "American Treasures" recognizing America "unique heritage"

This is joys time of year when we decorate the White House for the Christmas Season, "The first lady said White House Christmas decorations for her second Christmas at the White House.

"Our theme honors the heart and spirit of the Americans people. Thank you to the many volunteers and staff who worked hard to decorate the halls of the People's House in Christmas cheer. On brhalf of my family we wish everyone a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

Everywhere you look there are trees with some help from volunterrs this year festive White House Christmas decorations include more than 14,000 red ornaments hanging from 29 trees. There were also plenty of commemorative touches like a gigerbread house rendition of the National Mall the Capitol the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monumnet, and the White House.

The White House Christmas trees is a tall Fraster fir Christmas tree in the blue room adorned with more than 500 feet of blue velvet ribbon embroidered in hold with each state and territory. It was hand selected as the official 2018 White House Christmas tree by National Christmas Tree Association and cut from avery country, North Carolina farm. And the Vermeil room showcases two sparkling blue and gold trees. more

Five easy ways to reduce the dangerous belly fat

How to get rid of visceral fat. Deemed the most dangerous type of fat in the body because it grows near vital organs visceral fat is surprisingly easy lose. But how can you get rid of it?

Visceral fat is not always associated with people who are overweight or obese.

Stored in the abdominal cavity it surrounds vital organs like the liver and intenstines increasing the risk of serious health problems.

High levels of visceral fat in a person can result in life threatening conditions like heart disease.

So what can you do to get rid of visceral fat? There are five easy ways according to Harvard Medical School publishing body.

How can i get rid visceral fat?


Excercise can help reduce your waist circumference according to Harvard Health Publishing.
It adds, "Even if you don't lose weight you lose visceral fat and gain muscle mass.
Engage in atleast 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity most days sich as brisk walking or bicycling at a casual pace."

Eat Right:

Eating a healthy balanced diet can help you achieve and maintain healthy weight.
It says,"Include plenty of calcium.

According to a study from the university of Alabama Birmingham the more calcium a woman consumes the less visceral fat she gains.

"Avoid products that seem to encourage belly fat deposition including trans fat (hydrogenated vegetable oils) and fructose sweetened foods and beverage."

Don't Smoke:

The more you smock the more likely you are to store fat in your abdomen other than on your hips and thinghs.


Getting too little sleep is bad. A five year study found that adults under age 40 who slept five years or less a night accumulated significantly more visceral fat.

But too much is not good either young adults who slept more than eight hours also added visceral fat.


Citing research in study of women health across the Nations,"Middle aged women who showed more hostlity and had more depressive symptoms also had more visceral fat but not more subcutaneous fat.
In other study, higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol were associated with a buildup of visceral fat even in lean women." Source