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Elements in Human Body - Everyday Science

Elemets                        Percentage by Mass

  • Oxygen                                    65
  • Carbon                                     18
  • Hydrogen                                 10
  • Nitrogen                                   3
  • -

  • Calcium                                   1.5
  • Phosporus                                1.2
  • Potassium                                0.2
  • Sulphur                                    0.2
  • Chlorine                                   0.2

Lakes in Pakistan - Pakistan Affairs - MCQs

01 - Numal lake is situated in district?
a) Khushab
b) D.G Khan
c) Mianwali
d) D.I Khan

02 - Which of the following lakes is located in district D.G Khan ?
a) Keenjer lake
b) Uchai lake
c) Fort Minru lake
d) None of these

03 - Lake Saif ul Malook is locate in?
a) Kaghan
b) Naran
c) Abbotabad

04 - The Hena Lake is situated in?
a) Punjab
b) KPK
c) Sindh
d) Balochistan
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05 - Three major groups of canal system are operating in________?
a)  UAE
b) Iran
c) Pakistan
d) USA

06 - Wular Lake is situated on the river _________?
a) Gomal
b) Indus
c) Jhelum
d) Kabul

07 - Simly Lake is located near_________?
a) Mirpur
b) Attock
c) Islamabad
d) Hassan abdal

08 - Which of the following is the largest fresh water lake of Pakistan?
a) Kenjhar Lake
b) Manchar Lake
c) haleji lake

09 - Rawal lake is situated near which of the following cities?
a) Rawalpindi
b) Quetta
c) Islamabad

10 - Hub lake is situated in which of the cities?
a) Islamabad
b) Karachi
c) Quetta

11 - Kachura Lake is located in ?
a) Quetta
b) Sakardu
c) Gilgit

12 - Largest man made lake of Pakistan?
a) manchar
b) Keenjhar
c) Haleji
d) Hub

13 - Which of the following lake is the largest bird sanctuary of Asia?
a) Manchar
b) Lalusar
c) Aansi
d) Haleji

14 - The salt Water lake Hamune Mashkheli is located in which province of Pakistan?
a) Punjab
b) KPK
c) Sindh
d) Balochistan

General Knowledge - Sea and Dry Ports - MCQs

01 - Gawadar is a seaport situated in ?
a) KPK
c) Balochistan
d) Indian Gujrat

02 - Sost is dry port of ?
a) KPK
b) Sri Lanka
c) China
d)Gilgit Baltistan

03 - A free port is where there are
a) No duties and no taxes
b) No duties and no liabilities
c) No duties and no restrictions
d) none of Above

04 - Bin Qasim is seaport of ?
a) America
b) China
c) Pakistan
d) India

05 - In which of the following cities the first dry port of Pakistan is located?
a) Multan
b) Lahore
c) Faisalabad

06 - The China Pakistan economic is being built at a cost of ________ billion US dollars?
a) 45
b) 50
c) 46
d) None of These

07 - Gawader Port was purchased from Oman on?
a) Sep 09, 1958
b) Sep 09, 1959
c) Sep 09, 1961

08 - Which is the second busiest port of Pakistan?
a) Karachi port
b) Gawader Port
c) Port Qasim
d) none of these

09 - Name the biggest port of Pakistan?
a) Karachi Port
b) Port Qasim
c) Gawader Port

10 - When Pakistan identified Gawader as a port site?
a) 1964
b) 1965
c) 1962

11 - Name the small sea port located on the Makan coastline along the Arabian Sea.
a) Pasni
b) Jiwani
c) Ormara
d) Both b and c

12 - Which is the second seaport of Pakistan?
a) Bin Qasim
b) Gawadar
c) Jiwani
d) Keti Bunder

13 - How many seaports are operational in Pakistan?
a) 6
b) 3
c) 2
d) 5

14 - Which is the major seaport of Pakistan?
a) port Qasim
b) jiwani
c) Karachi
d) Keti Bunder

15 - Which airline is national flag carrier of Pkaistan?
a) Bhoja Airline
b) Shaheen Airline
c) Aero Asia Airline
d) Pakistan International Airlines

Generak Knowledge - Current Affairs MCQs

01- Who is the Current Director General of FIA?
a) Muhammad Munawar
b) Saud Ahmed
c) Bashir Memon
d) Ghalib Ali Bandesha

02- Where the 10th World Health Summit October 14-16, 2018 was held?
a) Vienna
b) Baku
c) Berlin
d) Moscow

03- Where the eleventh WTO Ministerial Conference was held?
a) Londom
b) Berlin
c) Buenos Aires
d) Geneva

04 - Who is the current Chairperson of NCSW (National Commission on the Status of Women) ?
a) Khawer Mumtaz
b) Aysha kareem
c) Amna Khan
d) None of above

05 - What is the total length of trip from Lanzhou to Islamabad where China has lanched a new road cargo servics?
a) 4000Km
b) 4500Km
c) 5000Km
d) 5500Km

06 - Saudi Arabia pledges to provide how many billions package to Pakistan?
a) 54bn
b) 6bn
c) 5bn
d) 7bn

07 - Which women becomes top ranked ODI bowler in October 2018?
a) Sana Mir
b) Jess Jonassen
c) Megan
d) None of Above

08 - Who is Governor of State Bank of Pakistan ?
a) Tariq Bajwa
b) Saeed Ahmed
c) Reza Baqir
d) Ishrat Hussain

09 - According to Business insider 2018 report , Pakistan is the ___ powerful military in the World?
a) 5th
b) 9th
c) 13th
d) 18th

10 - Who is the current chairman of Federal Public Service Commission - FPSC ?
a) Haseeb Ather
b) Tariq mehmood Pasha
c) Rukhsana Yasmeen
d) Naveed AkramCheema

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