Chief Ministers of Punjab

List of Chief Ministers of Punjab

1-Iftikhar Hussain Khan
August 15, 1947   to     January 25, 1949
Muslim League

Governor's rule
January 25, 1949
April 5, 1951

2-Mian Mumtaz Daultana
April 15, 1951    to     April 3, 1953
Muslim League

3-Feroz Khan Noon
April 3, 1953   to    May 21, 1955
Muslim League

4-Abdul Hamid Khan Dasti
May 21, 1955      to      October 14, 1955
Muslim League

Post Abolished
October 14, 1955
June 30, 1970
Part of West Pakistan province

Martial law
July 1, 1970
May 2, 1972

5-Malik Meraj Khalid
May 2, 1972       to      November 12, 1973
Pakistan Peoples Party

6-Ghulam Mustafa Khar
November 12, 1973     to     March 15, 1974
Pakistan Peoples Party

7-Hanif Ramay
March 15, 1974      to    July 15, 1975
Pakistan Peoples Party

8-Sadiq Hussain Qureshi
July 15, 1975     to      July 5, 1977
Pakistan Peoples Party

Martial law
July 5, 1977
April 9, 1985

9-Nawaz Sharif
April 9, 1985      to    August 13, 1990
Pakistan Muslim League

10-Ghulam Haider Wyne
November 8, 1990       to     April 25, 1993
Islami Jamhoori Ittehad

11-Manzoor Wattoo (1st time)
April 25, 1993     to      July 19, 1993
Pakistan Muslim League (J)

12-Manzoor Elahi (caretaker)
July 19, 1993         to    October 20, 1993

13-Manzoor Wattoo (2nd time)
October 20, 1993    to    September 13, 1995
Pakistan Muslim League (J)

14-Sardar Arif Nakai
September 13, 1995    to     November 3, 1996
Pakistan Muslim League (J)

15-Manzoor Wattoo (3rd time)
November 3, 1996      to     November 16, 1996
Pakistan Muslim League (J)

16-Mian Afzal Hayat (caretaker)
November 16, 1996      to     February 20, 1997

17-Shahbaz Sharif (1st time)
February 20, 1997     to      October 12, 1999
Pakistan Muslim League (N)

Governor's rule
October 11, 1999
November 29, 2002

18-Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi
November 29, 2002      to     November 18, 2007
Pakistan Muslim League (Q)

19-Shiekh Ejaz Nisar (caretaker)
November 19, 2007    to     April 11, 2008

20-Dost Muhammad Khosa
April 12, 2008     to    June 8, 2008
Pakistan Muslim League (N)

21-Shahbaz Sharif (2nd time)
June 8, 2008      to     February 25, 2009
Pakistan Muslim League (N)

Governor's rule
February 25, 2009
March 30, 2009

22-Shahbaz Sharif (Restored)
March 30, 2009     to    Incumbent
Pakistan Muslim League (N)

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  1. Many comments can be made on the para dealing with Sindh’s objections to Kalabagh dam but I will confine myself to just one comment.
    You talk about the abrupt decision by Gen Musharraf to build KBD which caused resentment. This was not an abrupt decision but the most thoroughly considered decision ever.
    To begin with the Wapda chairman Gen Zulfikar was deputed to address the cultivators in Sindh on a number of occasions. He reasoned at great length with them to try and convince them of the many benefits of KBD to Sindh and tried to allay their unfounded fears of the dam.
    When that did not work Gen Musharraf himself addressed journalists and educators for hours in Sindh along the same lines.
    He got the irrigation secretaries of the four provinces to deliberate for weeks and months until they all agreed on the technical aspects of KBD.
    He constituted a Technical Committee on Water Resources comprising of engineers from the four provinces under the chairmanship of A N G Kazi. After more than a year the committee produced two reports, the minority report by the chairman and one member from Sindh which opposed KBD and a majority report by seven members: Punjab-2, NWFP-2, Balochistan-2 and Sindh-1, who approved the dam.
    If the above can be called ‘abrupt’ I will take back my words.
    It was not tp please Punjab that Musharraf persisted for so long to get a consensus on KBD, it was because he knew of the benefits that Sindh would get from the dam, “I will not let Sindh become a desert by not building Kalabagh dam”, he had said.
    Having failed in all his efforts in face of severe opposition from Sindh he very reluctantly opted for Bhasha dam.
    Please refer to his speech at the time of opting for Bhasha dam instead of Kalabagh dam. He had clearly said that Kalabagh dam was far superior to Bhasha dam in all respects, which he mentioned in detail, but he was having to announce the construction of Bhasha dam to save the federation.


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