46) P.T.V. started its transmission in the regime of:

Ayub Khan
47) Which is the largest circulated newspaper of Pakistan?

The Jang
48) The TNation is the sister publication of:

The Nawa-e-Waqt
49) AFP is the news agency of

50) Who was the founder of the Dawn?Quaid-e-Azam
51) Wax-Wyllie wrote

Radio and T.V. Writing

52) Who was the founder of yellow journalism:

William Hurst
53) The Urdu edition of the Comrade was called:


(54) A large size headline across the entire page is called:


(55) A sheet containing facts and detailed information on any issue is known as:

(56) Muhammadan Social Reformer was the English name of:


(57) Daily DAWN was started in :


(58) The number of radio stations which Pakistan got in

1947 was:


(59) CPNE is the representative body of :


(60) S.M.R.C. is a well-known:

Communication Model

(61) A story appearing with the name of the writer is called:

By Line

(62) Dr Goebbles is know as the father of:

(63) Radio Pakistan was converted into Pakistan Broadcasting
Corporation in:

(64) P.P.O. was amended in:


(65) The cultivation theory was put forward by

George Gerbner
(66) The author of the famous book "COVERING ISLAM" is:
Edward Said(67) The concept of Development Support Communication was presented

Joseph Ascroft
(68) The head quarter of CNN is situated in:


(69) A full service advertising agency has:

Four departments
(70) The public relations department of the Federal Government is known

(71) The Orient Press of India was a news agency belonging to the:


(72) The way in which the message travels to the receiver is called:

(73) Intrapersonal communication involves:

An individual thinking or talking to himself
(74) Any message given by other than the literal interpretation of words is called:

Non Verbal Communication
 (75) A person (or group) who has control over what information is disseminated to the audience, is known as:

(76) The concept of “Global Village” was first introduced by :
Marshal McLUHAN

77) Broadcast media may be classified by:

Type of signal output

(78) To be considered a daily, a newspaper has to appear at least:

Seven times a week

(79) The news of important public events appearing in the front sections of a newspaper, are called:

 Hard news

(80) The famous communication Model SMCRE was devised by:

(81) Radio is a:

Hot medium

(82) The author of well known communication book “Process and Effects of Mass Communication” is:
Wilbur Schramm

(83) The founding fathers of the mathematical or electronic theory of communication are:
 Shannon and Weaver

(84) ABC is the abbreviation of:

Audit Bureau of Circulation(85) APP is the news agency of:


(86) The largest English newspaper of Pakistan is:

(87) The founder of Jang-Group of Newspapers is:

Mir Khalil ur Rehman
(88) The editor of daily Nawa-e-Waqt is:

Majeed Nizami
(89) The daily Dawn was founded by:

(90) Kuldip Nayer is a well known Indian:

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