Current Affairs MCQs Past Papers

01- General Raheel Sharif assumed office as the Chief of Army Staff on_________?
a) 21st November, 2013
b) 25th November, 2013
c) 27th November, 2013
d) 29th November, 2013  (Correct Answer)

02-The first phase of the organization Zarb e azb was said to have been launched on _______ in North Wazirstan along the Pakistan Afghanistan border,
a) 15th June, 2014 (Correct Answer)
b) 16th June, 2015
c) 18th June 2012
d) 17th June, 2014


03- Th UN Military Observer group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) looked into Pakistan complaint about cease fire violations by India on the line of control (LoC) in Kashmir on
a) 20th July, 2015
b) 21st July, 2015
c) 22nd July, 2015 (Correct Answer)
d) 23rd July, 2015

04- Name the commander and leaders of insuring groups in Operation Khyber
a) Omar Khalid Khorasani
b) Mangal Bagh
c) Moulvi Fazlullah
d) All of above (Correct Answer)

05- According to landmark deal, signed on 28th October 2015 How many T-37 traner-attack type aircraft is Turkey supposed to provide to Pakistan
a) 30
b) 32
c) 34 (Correct Answer)
d) 36

06- Xi Jinping's visit to Pakistan from 20 to 21 April, 2015 fetched the country most of the 51 projects including_________.
a) Thar-Coal Power Plant Project
b) The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC) (Correct Answer)
c) the Asian tiger gas pipeline
d) kashgar atomic plant project

07- as of 16th October 2015,Pakistan and Russia signed an agreement on laying 1100 kilometer long gas pipeline from________ to _____________ with Russian investment of S2 billion.
a) Karachi, Islamabad
b) Lahore, Gajumata
c) Karachi, Lahore (Correct Answer)
d) Rawalpindi, Islamabad

08- Pakistan test fired on 9th March 2015, nuclear capable surface to surface ballistic missile_____.
a) Ghauri II
b) Abdali III
c) Hatf IV
d) Shaheen III (Correct Answer)

09- on 13th March 2015, Pakistan tested fired indigenously built pilot less drone named.
a) Al barq
b) Al Uqaab
c) Al Basit
d) Al Burraq (Correct Answer)

10- Name the Current Chief Justice of Pakistan
a) Justice Anwer Zaheer Jamali
b) Justice Nasrul Mulk
c) Justice S. Khawajah
d) Justice Mian Saqib Nisar (Correct Answer)

11- Senate election were held in Pakistan on _______ to elect the replaceement for 52 retiring senators.
 a) 3th March 2015
b) 5th march 2015 (Correct Answer)
c) 7th March 2015
d) 8th March 2015

12-  Sardar Ayaz Sadiq of the PML-N won the by poll in NA 122 Lahore the said election was held on
a) 11th October, 2015 (Correct Answer)
b) 13 th Oct 2015
c) 5th Oct 2015

13- Mina stampede took place on
a) 24th September 2015 (Correct Answer)
b) 20th September 2015
c) 10th September 2015

14- Who is the current President of Zimbabwe?
a) Rafiq ul hariri
b) John Magufuli
c) Omar al bashir
d) Robert Mugabe (Correct Answer)

15- Who is the Current Speaker of Sindh Assembly?
a) Shehla Raza
a) Asad Qaiser
c) Nisar khoro
d) Agha Siraj Durani (Correct Answer)

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