Natural Resources MCQs

In this we are sharing Multiple Questions with Answers of Natural Resources mostly this kind of MCQs comes in papers of CSS, NTS, PPSC, FPSC, UTS etc...

01- Soil is the material which forms the upper layer of the Earth crust. What is the number of layer of soil?
a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) Five

02- Give the colour of Loess.
a) White
b) Red
c) Black
d) Brown

03- Which soils are found along the river sides?
a) Banger Soil
b) Loess
c) Khaddar Soil
d) Alluvial

04- Which desert is located in eastern par of Punjab?
a) Thal Desert
b) Cholistan Desert
c) Kharan Desert
d) Thar Desert

05- Give the areas covered by forests in Pakistan
a) 2.8 %
b) 3.8 %
c) 4.8 %
d) 5.8 %

06- Water logging takes place when the level of underground water rises to:
a) 1.5 %
b) 2.5 %
c) 3.5 %
d) 4.5 %

07- How much land of Pakistan has been destroyed by erosion so far?


a) One Million
b) Two Million
c) Three Million
d) Four Million

08- How much irrigated land was fixed as the maximum limit for landholding according to 1972 reforms?
a) 50 acres
b) 100 acres
c) 150 acres
d) 250 acres

09- Pick out the major Kharif crop among the following
a) Wheat
b) barley
c) Gram
d) Cotton

10- Which crop is given the name of silver fibre?
a) Cotton
b) Wheat
c) Tobacco
d) Maize

11- The karez system of irrigation is used in the province of
a) Sindh
b) Balochistan
d) Punjab

12- From which weir the upper chenab canal originates?
a) Mangla Weir
b) Rasul Weir
c) Marala Weir
d) Trimmu Weir

13- Indus water treaty was signed by Pakistan and India in September 1960 How many rivers wre given to india through this
a) Two rivers
b) Three rivers
c) Four Rivers
d) Five Rivers

14- In which year, Mangla Dam became operational?
a) 1964
b) 1965
c) 1966
d) 1967

15- What is the total length of Pakistan coastline?
a) 600 KM
b) 700 KM
c) 800 KM
d) 900 KM


01- B
02- D
03- C
04- B
05- C
06- A
07- A
08- C
09- D
10- A
11- B
12- C
13- B
14- D
15- C

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